The Perfect Summer Day Out: Things To Do in Cheltenham

Seeking a memorable summer escape? Think hand-in-hand nature walks with your loved one, idyllic towns with independent coffee shops that’ve perfected their flat whites and festivals celebrating art, culture and science. And it’s not ‘this or that’, you can enjoy all these Summer activities in one unexpected place: Cheltenham.   

Cheltenham might not be your first thought for a Summery day out, in fact, heading into a popular town on a sunny day may seem a tad strange, however, we promise our beautiful countryside spa town offers more than meets the eye… 

So, let’s get into our perfect list of Summer things to do in Cheltenham. 

Explore Cheltenham Town

When was the last time you were a tourist in your own city? Whether you’ve grown up rushing around the town or you’re eagerly awaiting your first visit, take some time out of your busy schedule to soak in the beauty of Cheltenham town. After all, the town isn’t just a middleman for other activities, it’s an attraction in itself. 

Adorned with luxurious green spaces, sweeping promenades with independent shops and beautiful buildings dating back to Regency times, exploring Cheltenham town is like stepping into a different era. So pull on your comfy shoes, grab a coffee, and enjoy soaking in the summer beauty of the town. 

Attend A Summer Festival

We can’t talk about Cheltenham without mentioning our world-famous festivals. If you’re thinking of wading through muddy fields and camping in the rain, think again. While we enjoy a great British music festival (and even hold our own in July), we’re also proud to spark curiosity, celebrate art and culture, and inspire young minds with our Jazz, Science, Music and Literature festivals. 

Our festivals showcase the very best in international artists, performers, speakers and upcoming talent, and are renowned as the centre of the UK’s cultural scene. Impressive, right?  And what would our festival offering be without a temping food and drink fiesta, offering gourmet treats from local businesses for an authentic taste of our wonderful town. 

Come August, if you’re not utterly festival-ed out, don't miss the Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta, where you can marvel at (and ride in) colourful hot air balloons. Which festival takes your fancy? 

Go On a Nature Walk

So, you’ve marvelled at our Recency Town, possibly sampled a handful of our delicious independent food spots, and attended several festivals (because you couldn’t possibly just pick one), so what’s next? 

Lace up your walking shoes and embark on a scenic nature walk to reconnect with the great outdoors, of course. Crickley Hill offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, while Pittville Park boasts serene lakes and lush green spaces perfect for a romantic stroll. Take in the sights and sounds of nature as you explore these idyllic settings.

Things To Do in Cheltenham for the Foodies

Many towns claim they have the most sumptuous food offerings, the best independent restaurants and coffee shops that make lattes like silk, well, we’re no different although we’re certain our foodie offers are some of the most tempting in the UK. Are we a little biased? Maybe. Do we think our foodie delights are the best? Absolutely.  

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at Cotswold Grange before heading into town to explore the vibrant food scene. If you’re around on Sundays, don’t miss out on the Sunday Market to sample locally sourced produce and artisanal delights. The town is filled with acclaimed pubs and local grocers to tempt you all day long. And if you’re here in June, make sure to add the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival to your itinerary.

Things To Do in Cheltenham For the Sports-Lovers

Kickstart your adrenaline-fueled day with a bike ride through the picturesque countryside surrounding Cheltenham. If watching sports is more your thing, stop by the horse racing track or the renowned Cricket festival. In the first week of July, The Brewery Quarter will host Wimbledon viewing nights, making it the perfect place to enjoy a pub feed and a lively summer atmosphere!

Things To Do in Cheltenham For the Art Enthusiasts

As well as being the hub of cultural excellence with our festivals, there’s plenty for all our art enthusiasts to do throughout the year. Now, as much as we’d love to promote Cheltenham as a sunny haven throughout the entire Summer, we have to be honest, this is England and we’re prone to the odd rain shower as much as anywhere else. But this doesn’t mean your day has to be a washout, in fact, these days offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourselves in Cheltenham's rich cultural scene.

Start your morning with a visit to one of the town's renowned art galleries, where you can admire works by local and international artists alike. As we like to believe the sun will always come out at 5pm, take this opportunity to embark on a leisurely stroll through Pittville Park and admire the sculptures scattered throughout the grounds. 

In the evening, catch a performance at the Everyman Theatre or Cheltenham Playhouse before winding down with a glass of wine at a nearby wine bar. What a splendid way to spend a Summer’s day in Cheltenham. 

Spend Your Summer in Cheltenham with the Cotswold Grange Hotel

Our town proves itself time and time again as a hidden gem for couples seeking the perfect summer getaway. With a plethora of activities catering to all interests and ages, there truly is no shortage of things to do in Cheltenham. So much so, that you can’t possibly squeeze everything into one day…

Grade II listed, Cotswold Grange makes the perfect base during your stay. Our townhouse hotel lovingly respects its heritage, dating back to 1855, while offering all the modern luxuries you’d expect from one of the best hotels in Cheltenham. For a weekend of indulgences choose our individually-styled rooms for easy access to all wonderful things to do in Cheltenham.